FAQS - Pricing Your Project

Project Cost Planning

When homeowners submit complete, detailed architectural plans to several Builders for competitive bids, all too often the prices that come in are either significantly over budget or the low bidder seriously underestimates the project’s true scope and quality leading to unexpected change orders that will push the project over budget once construction is underway. This is a frustrating experience for everyone and it can be expensive and disappointing for the home owner when they discover they can't afford the design they’ve had their heart set on and have already paid thousands of dollars for.

This investment of time and money in the original yet unaffordable plans and drawings, as well as the redesign, and the additional time spent waiting out another bidding process, can be disheartening. It can be avoided with Cost Planning.

R.J. Aley offers the Cost Planning process as a way of preventing this from happening. With our Cost Planning expertise, acquired from years of building experience, we can assist you and your architect or designer to assess cost implications of your design decisions, suggesting alternatives to design ideas that may be beautiful but unaffordable. The result is a realistic plan that best meets your needs, optimizes quality, Energy Efficiency and keeps the project within your budget.

Bringing a Builder into the design phase early on is a way of protecting your investment dollars in the design, but in no way is intended to substitute for the expertise provided by design professionals. Instead, it is a way to insure that the final design represents the best collaborative efforts of the homeowner, design professionals and the builder who ultimately will be responsible for execution of the design plan.

An additional benefit of the Cost Planning process is that the owners have an opportunity to work side by side with the Builder, allowing time to assess compatibility before construction begins. A relationship of mutual trust and respect is essential to the successful completion of larger complex projects. As the planning and construction process can take substantial time, it is essential that the owner and Builder be able to work together. Cost Planning will either develop a strong working relationship, or expose its shortcomings.

R.J. Aley offers Cost Planning as a consulting service that is separate from construction. You are not obligated to use our construction services if you hire us as your Cost Planning consultants.

Please contact us for a free consultation or if you would like to know more about our Cost Planning services.